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At Cite, we’re committed to maintaining a family-friendly work environment, where the best court reporting professionals have the technical and personal support they need to succeed.


We understand that a court reporting service is only as good as its court reporters. Which is why we believe our court reporters deserve nothing less than the best from us — including compensation.


We are the South’s premier court reporting service. At Cite, everyone is valued; not just for their expertise, but as individuals and friends — with lives outside the office.


So how can we make your job more enjoyable, and your efforts more successful? Let’s talk! Because at Cite, if it matters to you, it matters to us.

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What Our Reporters Say About Us

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Tracye Blackwell

Court Reporter

Cite has been such a breath of fresh air for me.  After merging with Cite, I was able to focus on being a court reporter instead of dealing with administrative issues/tasks and it has resulted in less headaches, more income, and a much happier me!   Cite is building relationships and is good for the profession as a whole!

Anna Tolleson

Court Reporter

When the opportunity to join Cite became available, I asked several people who knew them. The feedback I got was consistently good. Since I joined the firm, I’m getting better jobs and the pay is better.

I love Cite’s Can-Do attitude whenever I need help. It’s also much more of a family atmosphere than I had before. People here treat me like they care about me, and what I think.

Amy Key

Court Reporter

When I decided to merge my company, I didn't even talk to other companies. I love my new relationship with Cite because I still have ownership responsibilities. I can still say where court reporters go. And I can still pick my own jobs.

Cite’s all about supporting me, getting me business, and being my advocate. I also love the fact that they’re paying court reporters every two weeks, whether or not the attorney pays. That’s a huge cash-flow luxury I didn’t have before.