Joe Schell, Cite Founder speaking at Alabama State Bar's Mid-Year Meeting
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Cite’s Joe Schell Addresses Alabama State Bar

Joe Schell, Cite Founder, speaking at Alabama State Bar's Mid-Year Meeting Last week, Cite founder Joe Schell had ...
Outside view of Supremem Court of Alabama building
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What to Look for in a Court Reporting Firm in Alabama

Many legal professionals need court reporting services at some point in their careers. Luckily, there’s no shortage of ...
Lawyer at desk on remote deposition
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Remote Deposition Services: Your Guide for 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way legal professionals conduct business. To limit the spread of the virus, ...
Court reporter, Birmingham Alabama
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Court Reporting Services + Court Reporters Near Me

Casual observers may never give a court reporter a second glance. Their quiet presence lacks flash but they ...
Computer screen with deposition. Featured image
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How to Present Exhibits With Zoom

Lawyers and attorneys are having to think fast and implement creative and innovative solutions for remote proceedings. Litigators ...
Court Room Technology
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Trial Technology & Exhibit Training

Trial technology and exhibit training highlight the power of communication in a courtroom. By leveraging innovative tools, messages ...