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Duties of a Court Reporter

Duties of a Court Reporter

From circuit courts to superior court, official court reporters are needed for their transcription services in all types of settings. They may be used for depositions, hearings, civil cases and grand jury proceedings. Court reporters are absolutely crucial to court proceedings. Court reporters transcribe all dialogue spoken in court using a stenographer. The verbatim record …

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Court reporter, Birmingham Alabama

Court Reporting Services + Court Reporters Near Me

Learn all about court reporting services: what court reporting agencies can provide and all of the info on Alabama court reporting. Follow links to find court reporters near you.
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How to Present Exhibits With Zoom

Do you need to present exhibits with Zoom? Courtroom graphics and screen sharing are now the norm for attorneys nationwide. Learn some basic tips to help you polish your presentation skills as you display exhibits with Zoom.
Court Room Technology

Trial Technology & Exhibit Training

Learn about trial technology and exhibit training, including what court reporters and court videographers do and how CiteDepos services can help lawyers and courtrooms.