Cite’s Joe Schell Addresses Alabama State Bar

Joe Schell, Cite Founder speaking at Alabama State Bar's Mid-Year Meeting
Joe Schell, Cite Founder, speaking at Alabama State Bar’s Mid-Year Meeting

Last week, Cite founder Joe Schell had the privilege of speaking before the Alabama State Bar’s Mid-Year Meeting. 

Joined by panel members Judge Burt Smithart, attorney Leon Hampton Jr., and two Alabama Court Reporters Association members, Joe spoke on the dangers of digitalizing court reporting. 

Specifically, Joe focused on how the lack of a reporter’s presence during a deposition can deeply affect the accuracy of transcripts. 

From lines of transcription with unknown speakers to mumbled testimony, avoidable errors are bound to occur when relying solely on recording devices. 

With this in mind, Joe and his fellow panel members advocated strongly for live reporters covering depositions, a stance for which Cite will continue to fight. 

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