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The success of your legal practice demands you partner with a company that provides prompt, personalized service.

At Cite we ensure your needs are met quickly and efficiently, building the trust you need to ensure your full satisfaction.

We provide the highest level of personalized customer service to our clients.  Our slogan is what guides us: “If it matters to you, it matters to us”.  We understand that our customers have different needs, and we tailor our service to fit the individual.

Cite has an on-call employee during holidays and weekends to assist our clients when our competition is unavailable.

From scheduling to finished product, we take the burden from your desk to ours.  Cite can handle trial tech services, in-person and virtual depositions, day-in-the-life videos, virtual hearings and conference room rentals, translation/interpreters, and anything else a lawyer/paralegal needs for litigation support.  We look forward to crafting your experience to be the new standard-bearer in the industry.

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If it matters to you, it really matters to us.

A Typical Cite Experience...

On a Saturday morning, I reached out to Cite via email regarding redactions needed for three video depositions, one of which was covered by a different company. Promptly, I received a response from the director of operations, followed by a phone call from the owner. The edited videos were returned to me before lunch. Such exceptional service truly distinguishes Cite from other companies.

I needed a paper transcript for a trial starting on Monday morning I emailed Cite on the Sunday morning before and someone drove two hours to deliver it to me on the same day. This is the reason why I choose Cite to cover every deposition on every case.

We hired Cite to help present exhibits in a jury trial. One of our witnesses showed up wearing a very short skirt that we didn't believe would go over well to the jury. Joe ran to Target and purchased black pants and had the witness change before testifying. That's the type of service that Cite provides.

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