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The success of your legal practice demands you partner with a company that provides prompt, personalized service.


At Cite we ensure your needs are met quickly and efficiently.

We understand that our customers have different needs, and we tailor our service to fit the individual. Our slogan is what guides us: “If it matters to you, it matters to us”.

Cite has an on-call employee during holidays and weekends to assist our clients when our competition is unavailable.

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We can help with any of your litigation support needs.

How to Present in the Courtroom

We cover all you need to know on how to present exhibits at the Price-Phelps Justice Center in Montgomery, Alabama.


Cite Trial Tech

Focus on your case while we handle your trial presentation.


Cite CLE: Picture-in-Picture

Elevate your trial preparation by using this technique in depositions.


Day-in-the-Life Documentaries

Your client's story is more than words on paper. A short video about their case resonates with mediators and jurors.


How to Share Exhibits in a Zoom Deposition

Learn how-to efficiently share your exhibits in a Zoom deposition without showcasing other documents or emails.


Handling Billing and Concerns Efficiently

We take pride in handling every concern our clients bring up especially when it comes to billing!


Scheduling Made Easy

Scheduling with Cite couldn't be easier!

You can simply use the form on our website to fill out the details of your job, or you can send us a quick email at with the Notice and relevant requests.


Paralegals and Attorneys agree: Cite is in!

We prioritize personal relationships and take pride in responding quickly and efficiently.


Support you can Count On

We enjoy providing white-glove service to all our clients.


If it matters to you, it really matters to us.

What Our Clients Say...

Jenna Cothren
Jenna Cothren
I’ve been with Cite for a year and a half now, and it was the best decision! Our office staff is incredible… super easy to talk to, and very understanding and helpful! They truly are a family, and I’m happy to be a part of it. Super thankful for Cite!!
kennedi bates
kennedi bates
I started with Cite the second I graduated, and I have no complaints! Everyone is so kind and always willing to help in anyway they can. Cite makes it so easy to love what I do!
Kailey Murray
Kailey Murray
I’ve enjoyed working for Cite for the past several months. All the staff are really nice and easy to talk to! Cite has given me several opportunities since graduating, and I’m grateful for everything they’ve done!
Tanya Cornelius
Tanya Cornelius
Cite is the BEST! You are treated like family and not just a vendor! I LOVE working with Cite! They have that personal touch and they take care of their reporters as well as their clients with professionalism and charm!
Lauryn Hall
Lauryn Hall
After six years working with the State, I made the switch back to freelance reporting. Cite is hands down the BEST reporting firm I’ve ever worked for as a reporter. Not only have Joe and Tracy treated me like family, they also go above and beyond for our clients, making them feel like family, as well. No questions are ever left unanswered because the in-office staff is top notch. I’m in love with my job, and I owe it all to Cite and our clients.
Hannah Love
Hannah Love
I can’t say enough good things about this court reporting firm. They go above and beyond for their court reporters, and you easily feel like family to everyone.
Maria Cheriogotis
Maria Cheriogotis
I've been a paralegal for over a decade so I have worked with many different court reporting companies over the years. Cite is by far, hands down the best one of them all!!!! Joe and his people have helped me out in a pinch sooooo many times I have lost count. They are the definition of stellar customer service and the dedication to their clients is incomparable.
Ashley Lindsey
Ashley Lindsey
Cite goes above and beyond for its clients and reporters. They make you feel like family.
Suzanne Lee, CCR
Suzanne Lee, CCR
Cite is a top-notch, professional court reporting company! The people are sincerely dedicated to excellent service for their clients, and they show endless appreciation for their court reporters! Without hesitation I can say that Cite is everything a court reporting company should be!

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