Winning Video Tactics

Site Inspections

Site inspections are an effective way to record and preserve critical evidence. In addition to providing complete filming and editing capabilities, our experienced professionals can help you — in advance — create detailed checklists, to ensure no detail is omitted.

Our team’s video experience includes 1) Construction sites, thoroughly documenting site conditions to protect stakeholders from property claims, and 2) Insurance Claim Site Documentation in the aftermath of natural disasters — documenting conditions with accurate video records of damages, cleanup, repairs and improvements.

Day-In-The-Life Documentaries

Our experienced team brings more than just the proper equipment needed to ensure that an injury’s impact on a client’s life is effectively communicated. They offer the sympathetic, compelling storytelling skill that can often make the difference in connecting with viewers at a gut and heart level.

Settlement Videos

Cite’s team can create powerful settlement documentary videos — incorporating everything from day-in-the-life video excerpts and interviews of family members & experts to graphics and recreations.