Video Streaming

When you or a team member can’t attend a deposition, realtime video streaming is the best solution.

Cite offers the capability to deliver secure, live video feeds of depositions taking place. Used in conjunction with text streaming, live video captures the critical nonverbal communications that aren’t recorded in written transcripts — from body language and voice intonation to facial expressions and gestures.

Advantages of Video Streaming

During breaks, team members who monitor depositions can confer with on-site attorneys and clients — offering additional insights and recommendations for moving forward, once proceedings are back on the record. Insights and recommendations which, in some cases, have literally impacted the outcome.


To ensure a seamless, trouble-free stream — and to confirm that your system is capable of connecting to the stream — we’ll send you a test video stream a day in advance of your deposition. During the deposition, you’ll see and hear everything recorded while proceedings are on the record.

NOTE: Video Streaming is a one-way feed. Two-way connections are classified as Mobile Videoconferences.