Mobile Videoconferencing

Mobile videoconferencing offers attorneys and their clients a secure, efficient means for bringing witnesses into courtrooms, attending or conducting depositions and interviewing prospective expert witnesses. Moreover, mobile videoconferences can be attended by multiple parties, in multiple offices or locations, in real time.


Mobile videoconference attendees receive emailed links — connecting them within seconds. Moreover, mobile videoconferences can be accessed from PCs, tablets, videoconference-equipped rooms and smartphones. Attendees can even choose Phone Attendance — for audio-only connections.

Mobile Videoconferencing or Traditional Videoconferencing?

For most remote testimony, mobile videoconferencing (whereby participants are connected from their own offices) is more convenient and cost-effective. Mobile videoconferencing offers attendees options that traditional videoconferencing cannot — such as chat, screen sharing and individual user controls.

The most common downside to mobile videoconferencing is the lack of technical proficiency or resources among all participants. Another downside to mobile videoconferencing is the potential of less-than-optimal audio conditions at one or more site — which can make it difficult for court reporters and/or jury members to understand certain witnesses’ testimony.

Traditional videoconferencing delivers excellent audio and picture quality. However, locations are limited — and requires attendees to travel to them. Pricing varies by location and can be particularly high for conferences held after normal business hours.


Legal Transcription Services

At Cite, we take a lot of pride in the consistent quality of our legal transcription services. But we take a lot more pride in the people who deliver that work: Skilled veterans who understand that showing-up on time, and producing accurate transcripts fast, is just the start of being a great court reporter.

Our seasoned professionals are all well-acquainted with complex legal, medical and industry-related terminology, and we support their work with quality-control reviews before delivering your final transcripts.

In fact, Cite ensures unmatched-quality transcriptions from all types of media — including VOB, MPEG, WMV, Flash, FTR Gold, CD and DVD.